The truth about the system

As we all know, the evil “secret world government”, Illuminati, also called NWO, MJ-12, Jason Society, etc. is controlling the system.
It was founded after “Roswell” to “”protect”” people from the truth. They have infiltrated into the local governments (of US especially), big companies and key organizations (like EU, NASA, NATO, UN etc.) and the World Banking System. They collaborate with the demonic, grey aliens (also known as demons) from Orion Empire, Zeta Reticulis starsystem (that`s where they say they are from, it absolutely is not true, because they lie a lot and we already know who they are, they are our enemies from hell.). NWO gave to these “aliens” permission to abduct people, in change they’d get technology. The Greys need people to… 
excuse me

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In Mars there are supposedley already little underground cities where live selected people from the earth, and hybrids. (I doubt..) They could be built because NWO knows the system on this planet is coming to its end. (Not only because of the pollution, but you know: Our beloved Lord Jesus Christ willl come to rule for 1000 years, some people want to call it “Axis Shift and Dimensional Interface”, that would take place year 2012. That probably means that the present 3rd dimensional magnetic field will collapse and turn into 4th dimension…) SEE “THE ENDTIME TIMETABLE”.
There are also big secret operations happening here on earth, like building of big underground basements and HAARP-program. This activity is funded mostly by drug and weapon dealing, without forgetting gambling, smuggling and piratism. CIA is making good work for NWO in controling the world’s drug market. Big amounts of drug are smuggled by CIA to US and processed. George Bush older began the sale of drugs, he’s big name in MJ-12. By the way, the younger George Bush is a servant of evil too.
AIDS was created by NWO to kill many junkies, faggots and useless people from 3rd world countries. The cure exists, but naturally is not given to use of normal people.
There’s no much time left. The antichrist and the new pope will set up a living hell soon… If you know the truth and act the right way, there’s nothing to worry about. To know how to act, go here.

Hey guys don’t doubt it anymore, God exists! The Bible is powerful and true: Jesus is the Lord and Master!!

There is not life in space but very much in heaven.
UFOs are however reality. All of the ufos are the ones of the fallen evil angels. Never trust an alien or demon, if you face one of them, use the powerful name of Jesus Christ to protect you, never give up.

I really don’t know if there’s been advanced civilizations before us on this planet, like Atlantis, Mu and Lemuria. God knows but his word (The Bible) doesn’t tell so I don’t believe it until he tells. Or do you have better information?
By the way, this planet is not that old than the scientists say, (more about that later.)

To serve God, which includes to do his will (details from the Bible), spread his word and love and forgive everyone. Why?
By the way, if you have visited here before, you know I believed in reincarnation. However already year 2001 I found the final truth about the matter which is that THERE IS NO REINCARNATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know also that JESUS IS THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!