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Available from Advanced ChemTech Europe the LabMate combines market leading solid phase features. The result is a parallel reactor that smoothly integrates both into a single affordable benchtop instrument.

The LabMate’s elegant simplicity and flexibility make it the perfect choice for any chemist running solution phase reactions in parallel, regardless of whether the reaction conditions require refluxing, inert atmospheres, reagent gases, or vacuum. The LabMate has four independent temperature zones, heatable to 150°C, enabling process optimisation. For reactions that require cooling an option is available providing cooled conditions down to -80°C.

Using ordinary laboratory glassware and equipment the LabMate avoids the need to purchase unnecessary hardware and lowers the cost of research. Constructed in stainless steel and with high quality components and rugged LabMate requires little routine maintenance beyond cleaning of glassware components. Designed to let researchers focus on their chemistry, setting up using the LabMate is quick, easy and intuitive.

The LabMate is the ideal personal solid phase synthesiser for developing new solid phase reactions, preparing ‘rehearsal’ libraries and preparing larger amounts of lead compounds. The versatile design of the LabMate allows users to employ a wide range of reaction protocols. For parallel solution phase synthesis, reaction optimisation or process development the LabMate is also the perfect system. Users can perform simple ambient temperature reactions in vials or use LabMate glass reactors to perform the same reactions they would do in conventional flasks.


PreludeTM Karl Fischer, a sample processing workstation designed to automate the sample handling and moisture determination of solid dosage forms, feeds, and capsules for applications in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, tobacco, and cannabis industries. Prelude Karl Fischer uses the ThermoOrion Turbo2® Titrator for the complete moisture extraction from a sample into solution with little or no sample preparation. With the one system, a wide range of sample moisture levels can be handled with multiple sample analysis using the same solvent(s), and the high precision titrant delivery system insures accurate delivery and repeatability in the process.

Running 96 samples unattended , the Prelude Karl Fischer workstation employs easy-to-use software that is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant -ready. The system also includes a barcode reader, 4 place Mettler SAG balance and sample holder standard rack configuration all designed to provide complete sample handling and tracking for moisture determinations.